Breakdowns lead to progress

The fourth and final task is upon us.
Task Four- Create a 3 minute Podcast on a current media topic of your choice.
I’ve completed all roles but one, the time is now. Production and Dissemination, I’m ready for you.

Having little prior knowledge on the platform that is podcasts I did begin feeling slight nervous, however I swallowed that and showed a confident face. ALL WILL BE OKAY….

We went a few days without any discussion or progress, that was until I had a slight mental uni-work related break down, which concluded in me writing extensive lists and plans of what was left of the semester to be completed. I frantically messaged the group begging Ada (Project Manager) to arrange a meeting to discuss topics so that Pete, who’s role on this task was researcher, could get the ball rolling.

So that’s exactly what we did, we met up a week after receiving the brief and discussed ideas, we came to the decision to discuss ‘Buzzfeed’ and the controversies surrounding it, this we could link if with the ‘Fake News Phenomenon’ and the way young people consume news.

Pete quickly got his research done which was I personally found very helpful due to my personal un-clarity on podcasts. Louise was Content Creator so she was next up. Her job was to write the script for the podcast. Whilst she was working on this I asked two of my friends if they would speak on the podcast. One of them did the University radio show so I felt he would be good at this, the other was my close friend who was also very good at thing like this. They both agreed and I booked an audio room for 3 days time to give Louise time to complete the script. She sent it to me the same day which was excellent as it meant I could send it to the boys to have a look at prior to recording. The script was brilliant, it had all information in a chatty and casual way.

Now was time for me to put my role into practice with recording and editing. I gained confidence from my tutorial with Jane that all would be fine and we had made good progress.


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