Mix tape recording…

Recording and editing of the podcast is complete!
The process went really well. I got up (and harassed the boys to make sure they were awake in time) On Thursday morning and went to record, it only took us an hour and the boys were excellent, we also took the opportunity of being in an audio booth for Aidan to record his ‘mix tape’ which consisted of him singing ‘Stomzy’ and insisting I post it on social media…

Me and Pete then met up over the weekend and have just finished editing.

We used Adobe Edition throughout which neither of us had any experience with however, luckily I’d used a lot of Adobe programs previously and managed to work it out very quickly. This was helpful as it’s another editing program that I can now say I have experience in.
The audio I had recorded had come to over 7 minutes- double the length the final product could be. This meant that the first task was cutting it down, speeding it up. After this we were still over so I began cutting out breaths and gaps that were too long- very tricky. We’d managed to get the time right, we found some Intro and Outro sounds and an audio track that fit with the topics vibe. After listening over and over again, as well as getting every other person that I knew in the room to listen we had finished.

Task 4 is 95% complete. I really enjoyed my role in this task as I felt it was a real challenge and it forced me to learn a new skill. I feel everyone worked well however I do feel a little bit more leadership from our PM would have been beneficial, especially towards my work-related anxiety. Tonight Ada will submit the project and on Tuesday we will meet as a class and listen to everyones together.

I am ready for my last week of Semester One.


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