Prime Minister.. I mean Project Manager

Firstly I’d like to comment on how well The Wildcats did on the previous task, 77 was an excellent grade that I felt was well earned throughout the group! Was there anything we couldn’t do? This statement was quick to be questioned when receiving the brief for the next task…

“Save the Essay”
The brief was simple enough, we’re given a ‘bad’ essay and we had to highlight the negatives and recreate to make it a good essay. This included, grammar, spelling, plagiarism, formatting and the entire thing.

I was PM in this task, some may say I got off lightly. I had Ada as researcher meaning she had to pick out what needed changing in the essay via Microsoft Word’s ‘track changes’. Pete as Content Creation then had to make the changes pointed out to him and rewrite the essay entirely, he then passed it over to Louise who’s role was P+D. She was to reformat the essay to the guidelines provided.

When initially reading the essay I felt overwhelmed with how much needed to be done, despite this I had complete faith in my group. I felt that this task would be beneficial as it forces each individual to familiarise and develop awareness of how to construct an essay to academic standards. One of our biggest struggles was overcoming the Harvard Referencing System, we worked together to crack that one- this was also mentioned when receiving feedback for the task.

I feel this task wasn’t our groups strongest, as evident in the feedback. We had slight confusion over the brief throughout and didn’t completely alter the essay to acceptable standards. Despite this we kept up consistency with strong team work and excellent communication, we helped each other out whenever it was needed. We managed to complete the task on time and I felt I led the group and the progress well. Next time we know to study the brief and keep a better eye out for small mistakes. Also, I had learnt to double (triple) check the final product! An important lesson to learn.

It started off as Save the Essay but turned into Save The Wildcats.


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