Entering La La Land

New Semester, New classroom. Same group, Same module.

Time for Task Two to commence.
This time round we were to create 4 pages of a magazine including a cover page and contents page.We quickly came to the happy realisation that collectively we’d all had experience with similar tasks in our earlier academic careers, so this should be a breeze, no?

Roles this time were; Louise in starring role as Project Manager, following me as Researcher, Ada was Content Creation, leaving Pete as P+D.

Immediately after receiving the brief we had a group meeting to consider initial ideas on genre, topics, themes etc. We quickly made the decision to create a film magazine with a focus on one main popular and current film due to their being more articles and chatter it to utilise. With it being awards season our brains immediately jumped to the critically acclaimed ‘La La Land’. Sorted!

I then went off from the meeting with a week to complete my research. I decided that firstly, to get some ideas of layout typical of the genre I would create a mood board of magazines. I also collected promotional images of the film for some idea on colour scheme. I felt this would be helpful for Pete and Ada when it came to their roles coming into action as they would have some comparative texts. With similar mind set I then went on and researched (about 500) some reviews of ‘La La Land’ and quoted these- we’d previously agreed that we would include a review on one page of the magazine.

As a group we felt that we should take a casual and friendly angle of writing, we discussed the starring actors and there reputation for having funny interviews, due to this we decided to also include a funny factfile feature where we included quotes from them. It would appeal well to the target demographic that I’d researched to be teenagers to adults with a strong interest in movies. My main comparative source was popular film magazine ‘Empire’, however I also did further research to get a wide range of examples.

Once I had concluded my research I had passed it over to the group via our Facebook group chat, which received positive feedback. I felt I had given them good foundations to construct an exceptional magazine.
Ada and Pete worked closely in their roles in this task. Ada had exceptional experience in the software we’d chosen to use (Adobe InDesign) and Pete was a fast learner and had a keen eye for detail. They sent over the near finished copy and I felt very impressed. They had taken the colour scheme from the cover image and encompassed it throughout the remaining pages.

Once we’d cracked the printing system, which took only two attempts- impressive in its own right. It was time to hand in the goods. Louise had completed the necessary Project Manager sheet and just like that, task two was over!

I was really pleased with the group and my individual performance during this task, I feel that we worked collectively and created a fantastic final product.

Next was the dreaded task three.. ’Save the Essay’… Will we ever make it to Task four???


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