Promoting Media and Communication

With the initial group task completed we were familiar with our groups and each team members strengths.

We then received our next brief… We were to create a 3 minute promotional video for Sixth Form/ College students looking at studying Media and Communications. We viewed a few examples as a class which gave us some ideas of things that worked and things that didn’t work so well.

Our roles for this task were as follows;
Pete- Project Manager
Louise- Researcher
Ellë(myself)- Content Creation
Ada- Production and Dessemination

Wonderful. We had 3 full weeks to complete the task with a tutorial with Jane once a week. As a group we discussed that our communication via our Facebook group chat worked well, however, we’d also arrange to meet prior to the tutorial once a week to ensure we all knew where we stood. I think this is a good conclusion as it ensures clarity and communication throughout the group with clear deadlines for each role.

Our first decision was the way we wanted to present the film, from the examples shown Pete as PM put forward having the film without using sound. We all agreed and brainstormed ways of portraying the information necessary without sound. We concluded on using large pieces of card and writing on it to portray the information. We also made the decision that we wanted our film to be bright and energetic to keep attention to the film at all times and to prevent it being boring. I felt this was a good idea as the target market is 16-19 year olds and more and more of this age demographic are progressively being discouraged from attending university.

All is set, ready to do the task at the highest quality, how will it turn out?? Only time can tell…


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