“Fairly painless”

The task was underway, Louise had done some excellent research on the subject of studying Media and Communications which gave me as Content Creator an excellent stepping stone to what content useful for the film. We’d decided that we would come up with a set of questions that we would have in each section- on each bit of card and we would answer these to promote the subject. The questions I decided would be best to answer all queries were;

  • “What does the course entail”
  • ‘What is Media and Communications?”
  • “What skills do you learn from the course?”
  • “What are the potential job options after completing the degree?”
  • “What’s the potential Salery?”

Pete as Project Manager had so far been excellent with his vision and deadlines for each part of the task. We had all made excellent progress and all that was left to do was the filming and editing of the film itself.

The filming was fairly painless as we’d already planned where would be best to film and without the worry of sound there was less that could go wrong- in theory. We had already wrote the information on the cards and were happy with the way they looked.
Once that filming had reached completion we were left with editing. Ada took the reigns on this part due to her being P+D and also she conveniently had prior experience with the software used.
We added an upbeat soundtrack and created the sequence as a team with everyones input. We published and I personally felt relief as well as feeling happy with the way the task had gone.

I feel as a group we worked well and all completed and understood our roles to an excellent standard. The only problem we endured was organisation around all of our schedules- this was mainly down to us having heavily weighted modules that took up a lot of time. This was a factor we decided we’d aim to diffuse on future tasks.

One task down, three to go…


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