ft. Gavin and Stacey

Off we were sent into battle, also known as, the first task. We were to decide on a Tv show and research it in order to create a presentation for the class. I liked the idea of this task as it was a good way of easing us into the roles and group work.

We played with a few ideas of Tv shows such as Tracey Beaker and Black Mirror. We eventually decided on the light hearted, feel good romantic Comedy ‘Gavin and Stacey’. We decided we wanted to look at areas such as demographic, marketing, cast and genre conventions as this would cover enough of the show in the 5 minute time slot whilst revealing the key element such of the show.

Roles were decided next, Pete wanted to be researcher, Ada asked to do production and dissemination. Louise was to do Content Creation, leaving me to be the Project Manager.

I as project manager established a time scale in which everyone was to complete their part and organised a meeting for 3 days time to establish how we were getting on. All was going to plan and we were set for success it seemed!

The only hiccup we had along the way was when the Production and Dessimination member created the draft PowerPoint in a different format to what everyone else was used to due to that being her way of doing so. Due to this and her also feeling unwell myself and Louise offered to finish the PowerPoint off. Problem solved!

Now all that’s left is the presenting itself!…


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