Birth of ‘The Wildcats’ & learning the roles

Our next task as a group was deciding a team name….. (Insert drum role here)…. Our group decided on THE WILDCATS.

In the last few weeks on manipulating media we have been looking at different roles in a team which are necessary to complete a task. The roles are as follows:

  • Project Manager responsible for overall organisation of the tasks, managing workflow, to set objectives to the team and to deliver and sign off the task.
  • Reasercher whose responsibilities include finding relative information for the tasks as well as fact checking and critically analysis the information found. Also deciding which types of research to use and the best ways to do this particular method.
  • Content Creator this job role consists of looking at the research found and collating the information and sorting into relevance for the task, also referencing throughout.
  • Production and Dissementation which is the task of creating the delivery of the piece and doing so in the most relevant and efficient way according to audience, task type and ease.

In our groups we did various useful tasks to help us understand these various roles to help us when it comes to the first task. I found this extremely helpful as it gave me a further practical understanding of the role and an expectation of what’s to come.

Next stop is Task One…… Good luck to all.


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