Welcome to Winchester

Manipulating Media has begun! So far I am enjoying the group, hands on style of the module. In our first lesson we were thrown into groups and sent on our way to make a logo for the Faculty of Arts. Ah, strangers! The quick paced ‘get to it’ attitude is one I felt very beneficial as our group didn’t have time to stumble over the awkward introductions. We quickly set our minds to the task and overall produced a logo that, for our first session, was of good quality.

Some problems we initially faced were not planning efficiently. This became apparent when after taking a few initial photos we were stood scratching our chins thinking of what to do next. This is a factor that we later discussed was easy to troubleshoot as next time we will simply do more planning!

Two weeks in and I’m thoroughly enjoying the module and overall subject along side my university experience.

Watch this space.



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